Does crypto have a future?

We got a lot of questions coming in about crypto. Does it have a future? Should anyone invest in it? Should we wait for everything to get clear? Which crypto should I choose? and the list goes on.

Well for starters here's the news. ‘Tesla invested 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin’. How does that sound? Do people really think a multi-billion dollar company would take that huge step without even thinking about it. Have they gone mad? Nope. Tesla and other billion-dollar companies haven't lost their mind. Well.. not yet.

So the question is what should we do about it. To help you understand better and to clear the cloud in your mind let's go 20 years back. Do you know what happened twenty years back? No? Let rewind. Computers got introduced to the whole world to use. Online shopping website starts becoming a thing. Companies started to go online and you know what other people did? They laughed. Yes, people were laughing on computers, they were laughing when amazon was launched because it was out of their belief system that something like this is even possible. Like people really going to buy anything online. Like someone actually going to use the computers. Not so long ago people were laughing at electric vehicles. Well, we all know who’s laughing now? you know who? Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and all those who believed in innovation. They knew these things will change the world and so they invested in it. They invested their time and money and we all know where these guys are today.

But here’s the fun part. Not only they got rich but people who were with them, people who invested in their ideas, people who invested in their businesses became rich too.

Blockchain is a great innovation which we all can agree and crypto is a part of it and it has just started. Many of us have already lost many opportunities because we were just born when these multi-billion dollars company was not even million dollar company. All we can say to ourselves now “Only if I had known”.

I am not a financial advisor but I am not going to say to myself 20 years later “Only if I had known”.

I hope whoever reads this makes good decisions in life.

One pro tip though: Don’t gamble with your money. Investing is a discipline.



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